Green Casino Lottery Organisation - Demand of money for payment of lottery prize

Not resolved

I would like to post some complaints to your Govt. Dept./Media/Consumer Forms to get justice from the necessary Authorities:

Please see the following message:

Message 1:

Dear Winner : Radhakrishnan .Muthukrishnan

We successfully received your email.

We also acknowledge that we have received your dully filled GCCL Claim form(s) and bank account details which you want your prize money to be transferred to via TT ( Bank Transfer ), Telegraphic Transfer to you in your country.

Your account details has been forwarded to our bankers, Your prize money will be transferred to you via bank transfer on the 15th January 2008, Thus you are to confirm with your bank on the 17th January 2008.


Yours Sincerely.

From: Sir Richard G. Williams

Head Personnel.

Clearance & Identification Department

Green Clock Casino Lottery

Email :

Tell : +44 (0)70240-65425.

Message 2:

Dear Winner : Radhakrishnan Muthukrishnan,

We successfully received your email.

We are sorry to inform you that transfer of your won prize money has been stopped (Placed on pending) today by the British High Commission, They disagreed to the transfer of your won price money, pointing out the fact that you are not a British Citizen.


Actually this year is the first time this lottery programme is extended to non UK, EU citizens in the intention to bring good life and fortune at least to citizens of their countries at the same time promote togetherness through our programme.The British High Commission has a different conception to our idea, not to strip the intended beneficiary of their won price. But, to be sure the fund is not going into the wrong hands as they believe this huge amount can be used for act of terrorism considering your current location and citizenship.

Further, they have instructed us to inform you to contact them for clearance and confirmation before your prize money can be transferred to you. Their contact detail is below,

4th Floor, 153-155 Glasgow-Way

Mayfair, London W6E 7KA.

FTN: 7586438: 07

Email :

Tell : +44 - 70240 - 70954

You are to contact them Immediatly to clear things up to enable us continue with the transfer process of your prize money to your account soonest.

Yours Sincerely.

From: Sir. Richard G. Williams

Head Personnel.

Clearance & Identification Department

Green Clock Casino Lottery


Tell: +44 (0)70240-65425.

I pleaded with the authorities in Bhcommission that an I am a professional Engineer & not connected with any other activities & hence send me the Lottery amount.But, they are not moved by my plea & not answering properly & demand about 900 GBPwith some copies of documents like passport,etc.

Which is not possible from my side as I can not afford the amount.They have also closed their mailbox. I request you to render justice for me by contacting the authorities, concerned.


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